I Apologize For Lack Of Posting, Been Dealing With Health Issues

I promise to get back to my polish posts as soon as possible, but right now I need to share something with you. This is my Chihuahua, Mika. I found out today that she needs two surgeries, adding up to $3,000. I cannot afford this, and it kills me. If you could just share this campaign with your family, friends, blog readers, whomever, it would be much appreciated. I plan to resume my posts on Whooz Polish within the next week.

Whooz Polish Feature, Day One!


When I was looking at polish makers on Etsy, Whooz Polish was one of the first to catch my eye with their beautiful colors and glitter mixes. Just launched in October and run by a mother daughter team, Whooz Polish has an impressive lineup already.

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I have three polishes to show you, and I'm starting off with one called Rock Candy!

Base coat, 4 thin coats of Rock Candy, OPI Top Coat. Indoors with natural sunlight.

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