Giveaway Update!

I know, the giveaway is late. My fault, as I had forgotten to return an email to one of the wonderful indie creators that was donating prizes. The giveaway will go up within the next week, as soon as the last prizes arrive and I get them photographed. I apologize for the delay, and will have everything up as soon as possible!

Thanks for your patience,
- Jess

Feature: Franken Femme

Hey guys, today I'm here to tell you about Franken Femme!

I learned about Franken Femme from Becca, the blogger behind it all, through a polish group on Facebook. She put out a call for bloggers, and I sent her a message right away. She asked me what kinds of polish I like, so she could get an idea of what to mix up for me. Her blog is great for anyone interested in frankens or trying to franken themselves. She reviews everything from bases, pigments, glitters, and polishes themselves. She also includes a list of ingredients and polishes she used and where to find them. My favourite posts are her glitter tests. For each new glitter, she places them in suspension base to test them for any bleeding or curling issues, it's very informative! So, onto the other bit of this feature :)

So cute!