Feature: Franken Femme

Hey guys, today I'm here to tell you about Franken Femme!

I learned about Franken Femme from Becca, the blogger behind it all, through a polish group on Facebook. She put out a call for bloggers, and I sent her a message right away. She asked me what kinds of polish I like, so she could get an idea of what to mix up for me. Her blog is great for anyone interested in frankens or trying to franken themselves. She reviews everything from bases, pigments, glitters, and polishes themselves. She also includes a list of ingredients and polishes she used and where to find them. My favourite posts are her glitter tests. For each new glitter, she places them in suspension base to test them for any bleeding or curling issues, it's very informative! So, onto the other bit of this feature :)

So cute!

As for the polish she sent me, it was beautiful. You can actually see it in the headers on the Franken Femme Facebook and Twitter pages! When I saw it, I was immediately taken back to my childhood, and to the speckled egg candy I would have at Easter. It was a really great nostalgic feeling.

Taken with my homemade photo studio. 

Included with the polish was a lovely note that included a description of what was used to create my custom polish:
"I thought you might like to know that your nail polish was created using suspension base, white cream base, green cream polish, black square glitter, spring green matte hexes, blue glitter, and holo glitter."
It really is a beautiful mix. The slightly mint coloured base really allows the glitter to pop. My favourites are the green matte hexes and suble amount of holo glitter.

One coat, no undies. Indoors with flash.
It was a bit thick, but nothing a drop or two of thinner wouldn't fix. The base was highly pigmented and opaque in two coats. There was plenty of glitter, and no fishing was necessary to get good coverage. 

Two coats, no undies, indoors with flash. Thin spots were my fault.

Two coats, no undies. Indoors with flash. The little flecks of light are the holo glitter.

I was really impressed with how smoothly this polish applied. It was a bit chunky after drying, but easily smoothed with a coat or two of top coat. I decided to give this polish a wear test. To see how well it would hold up, I gave myself a pedicure, three coats of the polish, one two of Essie top coat. Then I went about my usual business. The following photos were taken after one week of wear.

Three coats, no undies, top coat. Indoors with natural light.

Three coats, no undies, top coat. Indoors with natural light.

Three coats, no undies, top coat. Indoors with natural light

It's now been almost two weeks and though I peeled it off a few toes while bored in the bath, what remains is still perfect. No chips and barely any wear. I've worn shoes sans socks, shoes with socks, an aircast, and stubbed my toes countless times, and it survived it all. Overall I love this polish, and I love the blog! So give it a peek, it'll be worth it. You can also:

So that's all I've got for today. Within the next few days I will be putting up the photos and swatches of the giveaway prizes, and then, the giveaway itself will come either the same day or two days after that post.

**This polish was sent to me for honest, unbiased review. All opinions are my own.**

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