Hey guys, I know, I know, getting some flack about the blog being down. This was totally unexpected, and I am trying my hardest to remedy the situation and get back in full working order. It might take a while longer, but I'm going to do my best to get some posts up. For now, I'm pushing up the announcement I've been holding onto. So here it is:

I will be holding a giveaway! I'm still waiting for some of the prizes to arrive, but so far we have lovely sponsors, including:

MASH Nails
Chocolate Vanity
Feenix Polish
Daring Digits
Darling Diva
& More to be added!

To polish makers: If you would like to donate/sponsor, email jessvenom [AT] gmail [DOT] com but first check your "other" messages folder on Facebook :) If I have forgotten to list you, email me and I will get a link put up immediately! 

To everyone else: I will be photographing the prizes that have been donated so far, or posting photographs if I do not have the prize in my posession (some prizes are being mailed directly by the sponsor). The official entry form will be put up in either the first or second week of March, depending on how long it takes for some of the prizes to get here. I will NOT be requiring you to follow my blog for the giveaway. So, while you're waiting, pass this announcement along to all of your friends, families, swap buddies, everyone!

This giveaway will be open internationally. The prizes were provided free of charge by the sponsors. You will not be required to follow this blog for entry into the giveaway. Giveaway will go live in either the first or second week of March. A two day advance notice will be given before the giveaway post goes live. 


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