Hey guys, I know, I know, getting some flack about the blog being down. This was totally unexpected, and I am trying my hardest to remedy the situation and get back in full working order. It might take a while longer, but I'm going to do my best to get some posts up. For now, I'm pushing up the announcement I've been holding onto. So here it is:

I will be holding a giveaway! I'm still waiting for some of the prizes to arrive, but so far we have lovely sponsors, including:

MASH Nails
Chocolate Vanity
Feenix Polish
Daring Digits
Darling Diva
& More to be added!

To polish makers: If you would like to donate/sponsor, email jessvenom [AT] gmail [DOT] com but first check your "other" messages folder on Facebook :) If I have forgotten to list you, email me and I will get a link put up immediately! 

To everyone else: I will be photographing the prizes that have been donated so far, or posting photographs if I do not have the prize in my posession (some prizes are being mailed directly by the sponsor). The official entry form will be put up in either the first or second week of March, depending on how long it takes for some of the prizes to get here. I will NOT be requiring you to follow my blog for the giveaway. So, while you're waiting, pass this announcement along to all of your friends, families, swap buddies, everyone!

This giveaway will be open internationally. The prizes were provided free of charge by the sponsors. You will not be required to follow this blog for entry into the giveaway. Giveaway will go live in either the first or second week of March. A two day advance notice will be given before the giveaway post goes live. 

Blog Down :(

The other night, the charge cord for the computer all of my blog info and pictures are on started on fire. Needless to say, the blog is gonna be down for a few days, until the new charger gets here. I'm sorry to everyone, but when I get back, there will be two new reviews and a HUGE announcement ASAP.


Update & Super Bowl Mani :)

I know I've been M.I.A. for a while, I've been dealing with quite a bit recently. December 7th was my Step-Father's birthday, December 10th was my birthday, and of course Christmas & New Years. I also found a lump in my right breast on December 23rd, and in the process of ruling cancer out on Christmas Eve, was told I possibly have a brain tumor. I had to wait until after Christmas to have my scans, and while the lump was benign, the MRI of my brain was inconclusive. I am currently awaiting test results from the Endocrinologist I was referred to.

Then on January 11th, my mother's dog got underfoot as I was walking down the stairs. I managed to clear two steps and land my full weight on my left foot. My ankle buckled, and immediately swelled horribly. At the ER, I was treated by a doc who seems to think I'm a drug seeker. He ordered x-rays, slapped an ice pack on it, gave me inadequate pain medication, then discharged me. They forgot to splint my ankle and give me crutches, and I was in so much pain I didn't question it. I walked on the ankle for 3 days in agony before seeing my GP on the following Monday. She gave me a gel splint, refilled one of the medications the ER had given me, and gave me a referral to my old Orthopaedic surgeon. I was in so much pain that my mum, concerned I'd truly mangled my ankle, found an orthopaedist closer to home, and with an earlier appointment. I went in and was told I had, in fact, royally screwed my ankle. I was immediately slapped into an Aircast, indefinitely. It's been almost a month, I will be returning to the doc exactly one month post-injury to see if things are healing or if something else needs to be done.

To top everything off, I caught the flu, even though I got the flu shot. Misery is the only word I can use to describe it, but though I'm not quite well, I'm back.

Since today is Super Bowl Sunday, I bring you a team themed mani! Had to use non-indie polish because I needed the right colours. Who am I rooting for? These guys: