Giveaway to launch in two days!

At this point, the giveaway will just be going ahead. If more prizes come in, awesome, they'll get added to the list. For now, here's what's up for grabs:

MASH Nails is providing:
- Set of nail stamping plates (#26-50)
- Stamper & scraper
- a MASH stamping polish

Chocolate Vanity is providing:


Stamping plates 55, Cartoon 56, and Cartoon 56S, as well as stickers (both stick-on and water transfer)

Feenix Polish
Though now shuttered, provided two lovely colours:

Daring Digits provided one bottle each of:

Darling Diva provided two gorgeous polishes:

Nail Art Supplies provided five glitter mixes and four100 count bags of fimo slices:

I will probably split these into two prize packages, so we will have two winners instead of just one :)

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