Giveaway winners + announcement

Hey guys, Jess here, dropping in to give you an update, but first, our giveaway winners! Congrats to Leah and Cecilia, I'll be getting your prizes shipped as soon as possible.

   Now for the announcement: I have been working hard over the last month. It's my plan to bring you new reviews, show off some awesome stamping (with huge thanks to Ruth at Chocolate Vanity for the plates), tutorials, etc.
   However, last month a former schoolmate of mine passed away. She was also the partner of one of my close guy friends. They had two adorable little girls together, one is 4 months old, the other is two years old. My friend is now a 20 year old single father of two kids under 3, a monumental task. I've offered my help whenever needed, as my disability keeps me from working, therefore I'm rarely busy.

So, lovely readers, if you stick with me, I'll be doing my best to get posts up in a somewhat regular fashion, but you must know that my friends come first. I've been swatching and photographing every chance I get, and I'm compiling a bunch of images so I can sit down sometime soon and type up/schedule a bunch of posts.

Hang in there, I'm working on it!
- Jess :)

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